Monday, April 20, 2009

Woods Camp09'-The beginning

"Pa yang penting kerjasama"..well3x..wat cn i said wc rocks!i really njoy every moments of it.i just came back from camping yesterday. although im damn tired and sleepless but i never regret even a single moment.Meet new people,njoyin my time wit my classmates n meet our new campers member "ayie d monkey" he2..d bus picked us up from pv10 at 7.50am n make our way up to Woods Camp.once arrived, hd a briefing session then going to our own tent/chalet.I'll stop here..well dun woe more to come..Here's one of d pix i took from some resources:

3 dara pingitan he2..from left farehan,ieda n me.This pix taken b4 we makes our moves down to d hall.

Posing time guys..from left,salina,iris,eein,me,ieda,farehan n d macho guy aslan

As naz said"janice open ur eyes!"is it big enough lol...

To be continued..


  1. bukan apa Janice, every time aku nak shot, ko tutup mata. Jgn marah eee....

  2. Glad you enjoyed it and also glad I didn't let you all down wth my promises of a good time and fun at this camp. The next camp ? --it won't be from sunnysideup production anymore. Its time someoneone else take over.Too much hard work !
    I'll stick to bowling. phewwww....

  3. hah.. more pic please.. hehehhehe

  4. yr eyes big2...!!that word hahah..after taking pic, u should ask naz "any doubt"!

  5. mata sepet x bole bka besar2...
    nti menakutkn org....huhuhuhu

  6. ok la 2 my frenz..ble posing lm2 ckit kn??huuhuhu next time open ur eyes ok..don't 2 big or 2 small okey..medium...hehehhehe

  7. Where r ur eyes? u didnt open them ? :p

  8. salah tu Iriss...die kena camnie...."Ehem..ehem..what your name?..Any doubt? "...haa, cam2 baru btul...

  9. re:Aying
    x mare jst nk try tahap mana maximum pembesaran mata aq ni hahaha!

    well sir u owest keep ur promise,we really njoy our time.last production?it can't at least u stil hv dis bowlin i make a suggesstion maybe chess tournament in d future?he2..

    sabar2 sabar tu separuh drpada iman..tgh cri sumber2 nk post ni

    yeah dats magic word!!well we fnish our jsp so d magic word oso change to vah!now he2..

    he2..hidup farehan2x!!

    well sajer je nk test d minimum n maximum pembesaran mata aq ni..he2

    ha2..well2 im just playin around

  10. hello..

    u look nice n cute in the photo..n outside too..huhuhu :)

    P/S : Honestly from me..cheers..

  11. besa laa... orng2 borneo mmn camtu hahahahahha....
    kan Just about me hahahah