Monday, April 20, 2009

Woods Camp09'-The beginning

"Pa yang penting kerjasama"..well3x..wat cn i said wc rocks!i really njoy every moments of it.i just came back from camping yesterday. although im damn tired and sleepless but i never regret even a single moment.Meet new people,njoyin my time wit my classmates n meet our new campers member "ayie d monkey" he2..d bus picked us up from pv10 at 7.50am n make our way up to Woods Camp.once arrived, hd a briefing session then going to our own tent/chalet.I'll stop here..well dun woe more to come..Here's one of d pix i took from some resources:

3 dara pingitan he2..from left farehan,ieda n me.This pix taken b4 we makes our moves down to d hall.

Posing time guys..from left,salina,iris,eein,me,ieda,farehan n d macho guy aslan

As naz said"janice open ur eyes!"is it big enough lol...

To be continued..