Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Back....

Elo everyone,its been a long time im not blogging.Thanks again to our beloved lecturer,Mr Muz for pushing us to do so.Psstt..u see if we nope doing so,our marks will be deducted.So have to show some love of doing this..He2..
Let me share my experience which occured last Tuesday.It was the worst day ever of my life.I woke up at 8am,had my shower and then go to college with my housemate.Today,I don't take my breakfast as wat i usually do,well not enough time of doin so.Had to rush bcoz i hv to attend my english's final tday n im actually woke up late today..He2 normal.Guess wat,no "Len Seng" today means have to take other public transportation.U know wat makes me mad was dat,we pay for our transportation monthly,but the accommodation they providing was totally upset me.The reason they didn't pick us up was dat they on holiday,so wat bout us??Its happen this whole week,thank god i've just hav to attend 2 classes,but how bout the others which their classes was everyday?Just imagine hw much money will they spent just for transportation...Hate to talk bout this!!So,me and frenz's zura have no choice then to take metro bus.This is another thing,its suddenly raining heavily and we both didn't bring our umbrella.And the best part was we're in the middle of our way to the station bus.For god's sake,im taking shower for the second time.Huhu2..So,i try to "tahan taxi" dat pass by,well nasib baik ada..So,we got into the car,ask the driver to bring us to the college,but he said "jalan banyak jam,tidak bole anta..".Wat again..this driver kind a "miang" as u see,he try to wipe my wet hand with a dry tissue,so i said to him don't u dare of doin so.My father is a police!!(tipu skit he2..).So,he stop his move and bring us down to Melawati as we took Putra from there.Then from Putra we took LRT from Masjid Jamek to Jln Tun Ismail..We arrived at 10.15am..Glad we arrived safely..I got headache,and very2.... hungry.I hv a quick breafast and take 2 pills of paracetamol.The final exam was ok..After d exam,still have to sty bck bcoz i got the aftnoon class.Im reached home at 5pm..U know wat i did after dat sleepin til d next day..(Amaran Oleh Kerajaan: Tido Baik Untuk Kesihatan!Ha2....).I spent almost RM20 today,could u imagine..So d moral of d story,please bring ur umbrella al d time,never be alone especially when u take taxi..n not forgettin as one of d "mangsa len seng!" hope d mgmnt should take some action or we will take serious action on this!Thnx for readin n feel free to comment..


  1. bagus laa tu bleh mandi 2x.....
    tapi hari tu tgk laptop ok jee...
    tak basah ke?...

    p.s...baru 5 hari dapat laptop, dah kena basuh....hehehehehe

  2. all ccsp Involve in this matter... gosh..... Since i left cosmo for OJt len Seng naik kapala.. dei.. ne x buli jadik ne.... heheh

  3. Thank you for the posting ! (oops--did I twist your arm in making you write in your blog ? hehehehehh).
    It is a good posting (oopps again--didn't mean tosay 'good' when you had a day that sucks big time !
    nyway. if its any consolation to you, I have justmarked your papers , aaannnndddd - you did really well !!
    Hope this news more than makes up for all the pain that day !

  4. re: Aying
    Laptop?2la kelebihan beg aq.kalis air he2..promote2x..

    Ntah..hjan berkat 2 he2

  5. re:Helas
    Dats y aq nk cepat2 bis dr cosmo ni.ko da ojt?kt maner erk?

  6. uiks... yups.... Tgh OJT.. baru masuk Minggu ke-3... minggu depan aku masuk minggu ke-4.. wahahahhaa.... OJT at Wangsa Melawati... tu pun carik sendiri.. kalau harap kosmo.. alamat x ojt laa aku ceritanya, adessss... ko bla OJT??? skrng exam ka??

  7. re:sunnysideup

    thnx sir,ur d best..i wil cntinue blogging as long as i learn english he2.jst kiddin.

  8. hey hey hey !!!! where's the new posting ? tch tch tch---this won't do !!! deduct deduct deduct !!!!
    its ok---i was kidding only.....or am I ? heheheheh

    (low organ music from the drama 'the phantom of the opera'.....)

  9. sunnysideup.. Deduct.. ow.... still confuse... create a post will increase marks???.. wow... good idea.. ahahahah

  10. uit..rajin gak ko eh..huhu ol da best..well it's life..experience gurlz..the more the better.."P